To find the RateAGun™ Score, select a pellet rifle from the drop-down menu. Click the “Calculate Score” button and the score will be displayed*. To add a scope and rings, select from the appropriate drop-downs. Repeat as required. Compare your selections in the list below. Scroll down if necessary. To clear your scores and re-start, click the "Clear Scores" button.

*Note that some pellet rifles are supplied without sights and will have no score, for these guns you will be required to select a scope and rings.

What do the Scores Mean?
- Score less than 5.0 Easiest to Shoot
- Score 5.1 to 7.0 Good Shooting Fun
- Score 7.1 - 9.0 An Enjoyable Challenge
- Score more than 9.1 Experience Required
Gun or Gun, Scope and Ring Combinations: Score(s)